At influence! we aim to create an ethical company at all levels. We want to help the homeless community, each day, by giving them access to the most requested item in homeless shelters. But our mission does not end there. We work hard to offer premium quality products, produced here, in Europe.

Our socks are designed in Belgium’s capital, Bruxelles, and manufactured in the North of Portugal. This family-owned business has been producing high quality socks for over 40 years. But the high quality products isn’t the only reason we work with them…

The socks are produced in a way that respects the environment, and are certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Additionally, all our socks are made from organic cotton, because even there, we do not compromise.

Because the social mission of influence! doesn’t stop at helping the homeless community, we are proud that are socks are made in a country with strict rules regarding employee welfare and where the minimum salary is higher than in 84% of countries.