Influence! : Each purchase is a vote as to what we want tomorrow to look like

influence! was born as a result of an alarming observation: socks are the most requested item in homeless shelters.  Since we believe that every purchase is actually a vote for what the world of tomorrow will look like, we want to provide the opportunity for our customers to make the right vote. By buying influence! socks, you are contributing to the creation of a sustainable supply of socks distributed to the homeless through our non-profit partners.

How do socks help the homeless community ?

The donation of socks has two benefits. Firstly, it allows us to donate socks to the homeless on a regular basis through a sustainable supply of socks financed through the profits of influence! But it doesn’t stop here. By delivering socks to non-profits we work with on a regular basis, we allow them to focus that much more on what they do best: help the homeless.