How socks improve the lives of the homeless

How a pair of socks improves the life of the homeless.

For influence!, everything started when we discovered the most requested clothing item in homeless shelters were socks. This sad fact motivated us to try and find a solution. How can we hope to put and end to homelessness, if we aren’t even able to put socks on the feet of the homeless? 9 months later, influence! was born with not only the mission of donating socks, but also to educate the public about a problem many of us don’t even know about.

Aren’t socks just a detail for a homeless person ? Actually, no, it is essential.

How often do you change socks every week ? At least 7 times, right ? So how do you think it would feel to have to keep the same pair of socks for days or even weeks ? How would it make YOU feel ? Unfortunately, that is what the grand majority of homeless people go through.

As Cathy, from our partner Pierre d’Angle explains, the amount of walking a homeless person does daily is huge: “when you don’t have a home, and very little to no money, you are obliged to walk all over town. To find food, to take a shower, to find a place to rest, to wash your clothes, for everything. So you walk, and you walk some more.”

Wounds, frostbites and other plantar infections: common pains in the homeless community

Because they are not able to change socks or shoes, the feet of the homeless are often suffering.

The cold is also a cause of concern. When not properly protected by shoes and socks, the feet are prone to frostbites and a host of other issues. A good pair of socks helps limit des risks, but also adds a layer of warmth and comfort. Keeping the extremities of the body warm in cold temperatures is essential.

Unfortunately, however, donating socks is not what we think of as important, and homeless shelters are in dire need of socks.

Supporting the homeless community through influence!

This is exactly the problem influence! was born to solve. For each pair you by, we donate a pair of high quality, comfortable and adapted pair of socks to allow them to help make their days just a bit better.